Thursday, July 12, 2012

Searching Radio Stations in iTunes

It really annoying the way you can't search radio stations in iTunes.  With hundreds of streams available per category, the fact that Apple expects you to scroll through them all to find a particular type of station is pretty ridiculous.  Luckily there's a work-around:
  • Create a new playlist.
  • Select a category and expand it.
  • Select all radio stations within the expanded category and drag them into the newly created playlist under PLAYLISTS on the sidebar.
  • Repeat above steps for any other categories you want to include in search.
  • Now click on the new playlist and voila, the Search control will now be active.
  • This lets you search all streams under a particular category.  Add more categories to search more streams.
Note how the results of searching for soma in the screenshot below.

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