Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CollabNet Subversion Console and Apache

I installed (CollabNet) SVN on my Windows computer (WinXP) because it's my version control system of choice when using the Eclipse IDE.  With Apache already present on the computer where SVN was installed, I found that getting into the CollabNet Subversion Edge Console was not as stright forward as following the default link (http://localhost:3343/csvn).

Following the link worked immediately after install, but not after the first restart.  In any case, some digging around resulted in the following solution to get into the console:

  1. Go into windows Services (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services)
  2. Stop the Apache service (Apache2.2 in my case)
  3. Start the CollabNet Subversion Edge service (note that this is not the same as the CollabNet Subversion Server service).  Even though both services are set to "Automatic" start, for whatever reason the Edge (console) service must be started manually.
  4. Not retry the console link (http://localhost:3343/csvn).
Also note that I change the default port for the SVN server from 80 to 81 (under Console > Administration) because port 80 is already used by my Apache http web server.

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