Monday, January 3, 2011

J-T Topo For New Geology Tour Road Bouldering, Featuring Scum Bag

In the Fall of 2008 I was caught in yet another wind-blasted day in Joshua Tree and set off down Geology Tour Rd in search of climbs out of the wind and stumbled upon a set of secluded boulders in which lay one surprisingly sick looking line.  I first wrote off the line as personally unfeasible, but vowed to come back and try it anyways because it looked so enticing.  Not at all green to exploration of Joshua Tree problems, I knew the line was uniquely featured and the boulder itself of unusually solid rock for the area.  A true gem just a stones throw from developed climbing in the Towers of Uncertainty.

I returned in the Winter of 2008 to begin work on the new line and eventually linked all the top-half and bottom-half moves, but an ascent from sit-down to top-off would take more tips than I had to offer for that season.  On the positive side, this allowed for additional exploration of surrounding boulders and in-turn revealed plenty of fine warm-up problems and other fun moderates.  I returned in Spring of 2009, with support (spotting) from my lovely wife and eventually bagged it.  A special thanks to my daughter Fiora for cheering me on!  I named the problem Scum Bag (V?).  It's not the hardest thing out there, but I find it interestingly beta intensive and worthy of becoming a Joshua Tree classic.

I haven't developed enough hard lines to give it a decent rating, but I found it harder than V10's I've done.  Then again, it also felt easier than some V8's I've tried!  Anyways, let's just say it's harder than most JT probs.

Although I made a topo of the area shortly after doing the problem, it was accidentally wiped from my computer.  I've since tried to re-make it, but the long stretch from when I was last there means some ratings are coming from vague recollection.  Anyways, take a look (embedded below) and if you're in Joshua Tree for some bouldering check these out and give your feedback!

(Note: You can use the 'Open in new window' button, top-right, to save a copy of the file.)

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